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Dear volunteers, parents and athletes,

Welcome to the 2014 Alberta Summer Games (ASG) parent’s guide for triathlon.  Following our success at the 2012 Alberta Summer Games in Lethbridge, Alberta Triathlon Association (ATA) is proud to announce triathlon in the 2014 edition of the Alberta Summer Game in Airdrie.  The game organization has worked tirelessly to build on the success in Lethbridge and ATA is working collaboratively with them to bring your athlete another safe and fair competitions.  The race weekend will once again bring in the individual event for athletes aged 12-13 and 14-15.

ATA is dedicated to the promotion of the sport of triathlon among all age-groups in Alberta.  Through its Kids of Steel (KOS) race series and Developmental squad, ATA ensures youth athletes have the opportunities to adequate training and racing opportunities within the province and across Western Canada.  ASG is an important stepping stone for aspiring Alberta youth triathletes to progress to the next level of regional and national competition (Junior and Western Canada Junior Series, 2015 Western Canada Summer Game in Wood Buffalo, and 2016 Canada Summer Games in WInnipeg) and international events (2014 International Triathlon Union Sprint and Junior Elite World Championships in Edmonton and 2014 Youth Games).

Michael Chui

Alberta Triathlon Association

Alberta Major Games Chair

Team Information

The 2014 ASG will include 12 to 15 years old athletes determined by their age as of December 31st 2014.   Each zone can qualifying a total of eight athletes with a minimum of one boy and one girl 14-15 age group and two boys and two girls from the 12-13 age group.  Athlete selection is based on objective race performances in the zone qualifying events.

Each zone team will be accompanied by one manager and one coach of the opposite sex.  ATA will be naming the zone manager and coaches by March 2014.

There are plans for training camps and programs within each zone leading up to and after the qualifying races.  ATA will avail provincial coaching resources to facilitate training opportunities within each zone and guide new coaches; however, these will likely be delivered by local NCCP certified/trained coaches within your community.

More training programs (clubs) and camps can be found on the ATA website.


Qualifying Phase (April 2014 to June 2014)

Two male and two female[1] from each of 12-13 and 14-15 age group is normally selected to represent each of the Eight Zones.  All athletes must be submitted no later than June 23 2014.


The qualifying events for each zone will be confirmed no later than March 2014.  Depending on events dates and availability of suitable qualifying races, each zone can have different qualifying events. For the zones with more than one qualifying event, each race will get 1 spot for a boy, and one for a girl for 12-13 year olds, and one boy and one girl for 14-15 year olds. To view the qualifying races, please click here.


All athletes are asked to sign up on the ASG website in June if they are interested in qualifying.


Athletes and parents will be asked to claim the ASG zone spot within a reasonable time frame after the end of competition – this may differ by zone at the discretion of ATA and zone representative.  All qualified athletes are required to fill out and sign the registration form and athlete’s agreement.  Cost to athlete is estimated to be under $50.00 including all transportation to and from Airdrie, meals, accommodation, race entry, entertainment, etc.


Preparation and Game Phase (June 2014 to July 2014)

Athletes maybe required participate in mandatory zone team training sessions at the discretion of the team manager and coach.  This information will be communicated by the zone manager and/or coach in advance.


ASG begins with the Opening Ceremonies, Thursday July 24th 2014 until the Closing Awards, Sunday morning July 27th 2011.  Athletes are expected to remain with the zone team during the entirety of the Game.  Parents are expected to notify your zone representative, manager, and coach immediately and no later than two weeks prior to the Game should your athlete cannot do so.


Depending on team size and travel arrangements, the zone team may require two parents to assist as chaperone during the game.


More information are available on

Zone Coaches


Coahces Name


Kyle Jensen and/or Nicole Bach (Lethbridge KOS)


Paul Brown


John Armstrong- Kronos Triathlon Club


Elizabeth Aulenback- Red Deer Triathlon


Glenn Wilson- Gators Triathlon/ Swim Club


Kevin Clark- Edmonton Triathlon Academy


Rebecca McCullough




Michael Chui

For more information, please contact Mike Chui, Alberta Major Games Chair, at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Frequently Asked Questions for Alberta Summer Games (Triathlon)

Version 1.0 prepared January 26th 2014


Eligibility & Qualifications


Who are eligible to qualify for the ASG?

Athletes born in year 1999 to 2002.  There is eight (8) spots for each of the 8 zones in Alberta (see ASG website for zone details) and each zone must have a minimum of 1 male and 1 female athlete in the 14-15 age group and 2 male and 2 female in the 12-13 age group.  Our long-term goal is to double the number of spots. For the zones with more than one qualifying event, each race will get 1 spot for a boy, and one for a girl for 12-13 year olds, and one boy and one girl for 14-15 year olds.


How can athletes qualify for the ASG?

Athletes can qualify for one of the zones ASG spots base on their ranking in one of the following races in the order:


  1. Home zone qualifier
  2. Designated home zone qualifier
  3. 2014 KOS Provincial Championship in St. Albert
  4. Other zone’s qualifier
  5. For the zones with more than one qualifying event, each race will get 1 spot for a boy, and one for a girl for 12-13 year olds, and one boy and one girl for 14-15 year olds.


Please click here for qualification races.

New Qualification Guide, please click here

How many spots does each qualifier have?

Each qualifier is allotted the number of competitor in the 12-13 and 14-15 age group.  Each competition must have a minimum of the number of qualifying spots plus two competitors.  This rule has been enforced to respect the nature of the qualifying events where it must be a “meaningful competition”.


For example, if 4 or more athletes in the male category competed in the qualifying race, the male event is allotted 2 spots for the race.  If the female event has only 3 athletes in competing, 1 spot is allotted to the female event.  The one remaining unfilled zone spot is rolled down by the fill policy outlined in the technical package.

For the zones with more than one qualifying event, each race will get 1 spot for a boy, and one for a girl for 12-13 year olds, and one boy and one girl for 14-15 year olds.


How do I know the qualifying events?

The 2014 qualifying event for each zone are listed in the “2014 Alberta Summer Games Zone Qualifier Schedule” document.  All dates and events can be viewed here.


Games Details


When does the team get selected?

The final team for each zone must be named by June 23, 2014.  This deadline is the major constraint to the 2014 qualifying event schedule.


When does the ASG take place?

July 24-27th 2014


How much will it cost per athlete?

There is a $40 fee to the parents payable upon acceptance of an allotted spot.  Majority of the uniform, travel, meal, and accommodation expenses during the game are included in the fee.


How will the athletes travel to and from the game?

The ASG organization will provide bus services within major hubs in each zone to pick up the athletes to and from the game.  Parents need only to drop off their athletes at the designated location and time for the bus.


Can I help with the game prior to the race?

Parents are strongly encouraged to help.  Each zone requires one coach and one manager of the opposite sex to accompany the zone team.  ATA Major Games Task Group is currently recruiting interested parents and coaches to fill these roles.  Please refer to the “Coach and Manager Information & Application Package” for more details.


Purpose and Development Stage


What is Alberta Summer Games (ASG)?

Alberta Summer Games is a provincial level competition targeted for athletes beginning into the “Competing to Compete” level of the Long-Term Athlete Development plan.  The focus for athletes is on skill development and owning your training and goals.  The long term goal is to encourage life-long participation in sports while providing the developmental opportunities for high performance athletes to grow.


Confirmed athletes via e-mail

For the most up to date list on confirmed athletes for ASG

ASG Confirmation Triathlon
Zone Athlete's name F/M 12-13 years of age 14-15 years of age
1 Mathias Gelber M ×
Keel MacDonald M ×
Madeline Comeau F ×
Ezra Sulin F ×
Aidan Comeau M ×
Darrick Nicol M ×
Emmalyn Elgersma F ×
Echo Sulin F ×
2 Dawson Gladue M ×
Axel Ewashko M ×
Rayanne Laycock F ×
Aislin Morton F ×
Marcus Brown M ×
Pedro Pardo M ×
Hanna Stoddart F ×
Chloe Meppem F ×
3 Thomas Armstrong M ×
Jacob Backer M ×
Kristanna Neilson F ×
Bryanna Robinson F ×
Parker Young M ×
Carson Trimble M ×
Mackenzie Mumford F ×
Aleksandra Petrova F ×
4 Owen Pimm M ×
Logan Lopaschuk M ×
Robyn Wlad F ×
Rachel Vida F ×
Adam Guthrie M ×
Tristin Macdonald M ×
Carley Wlad F ×
Zoe McCormick F ×
5 Randy Allen M ×
Sasha Tanasiuk M ×
Asia Kern F ×
Payton Basterash F ×
Luke Hanson  M ×
Logan Arthur M ×
Hayley Basterash F ×
Jasmine Feddema F ×
6 Casey Riess  M ×
Liam Thompson M ×
Evelyn Kath F ×
Erin Lukas F ×
Jacques Lacoursiere  M ×
Ryan Banack M ×
Sophie Sigfstead  F ×
Siobhan Toal F ×
7 Brenden Lupul M ×
Samuel Ree M ×
Anastasia McCullough F ×
Raelene Lupul F ×
Jonah Tanasiuk M ×
Cooner Poole M ×
Joelle Young F ×
Kailyn Foss F ×
8 Jacob Serpico M ×
Alexandre Tonelli M ×
Josephine Lalonde F ×
Molly Brown F ×
Chris Gregor M ×
James Thomson M ×
Carli Berube F ×
Cassandra Mastel-Marr F ×

How does the ASG relate to the Triathlon Long-Term Athlete Development?

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