Drafting Course - Spring/Summer 2014

All ATA draft certified athletes are on the list below for your reference.  The ATA will be offering 2 drafting course this year, one in Calgary, one in Edmonton.

Edmonton ATA Drafting Course - Spring 2014
Drafting Clinic Date: Wednesday, May 21st, 2014
Location: Edmonton science and research park (250 Karl Clark Road
Edmonton, AB T6N 1E4, Canada) Meet at the south lake car park.
Time: 5 pm onwards approx to 7 pm.
Instructor: Kevin Clark RTC Senior devlopment coach
Fee: Please make cheques payable to Kevin Clark performance consultancy ltd for $25 per participant or $20 per Sibling (Must be related and participating on same day) 
Instructor's Cell: 7809132740
Instructor's Email:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it www.edmontontriathlon.com
To register for the course, please contact Kevin directly either by email or by phone.

Calgary ATA Drafting Course - Spring 2014

Drafting Clinic Date: May 25th, 2014
Location: (Calgary U of C  parking Lot 10)
Time: 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM
Instructor: Bart Ujack
Fee: $25 per participant if he/she passes the courses – payable to instructor
Instructor's Cell: 403-606-3697
Instructor's Email:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
To register for the course, please contact Bart directly either by email or by phone.
Last Name First Name License Number
Streu Alexandra D-ATA-1
Pexman John D-ATA-2
Marchi Jay D-ATA-3
Pennock Russell D-ATA-4
Kary Ciara D-ATA-5
Kary Mackenzie D-ATA-6
Elford Karlyn D-ATA-7
Pennock Ellen D-ATA-8
Lilly Jessie D-ATA-9
Critchley Greg D-ATA-10
Owens Tegan D-ATA-11
Elford Brendan D-ATA-12
Miller Alesha D-ATA-13
Miller Christa D-ATA-14
Fletcher Evangeline D-ATA-15
Mazurek William D-ATA-16
Gibson Kinley D-ATA-17
King Maxwell D-ATA-18
King Kameron D-ATA-19
Bhatla Chris D-ATA-20
Beatty Kyle D-ATA-21
Armstrong Jake D-ATA-22
Skeryk Andrea D-ATA-23
Graham Lisa D-ATA-24
Nevokshonoff Joel D-ATA-25
Hastings Stephen D-ATA-26
Thorne Lauren D-ATA-27
Kendall Zac D-ATA-28
Maunder Adeline D-ATA-29
Schaerz Simon D-ATA-30
Friebe Erika D-ATA-31
Pesant Guillaume D-ATA-32
Savard Heather D-ATA-33
Elford Brendon D-ATA-34
Stimson Victoria D-ATA-35
Alcorn Catherine D-ATA-36
Macdonald Tate D-ATA-37
Sackley Scout D-ATA-38
Serpico Madison D-ATA-39
Danielson Eric D-ATA-40
Lindsay Ryan D-ATA-41
Large Ember D-ATA-42
Camicioli Emma D-ATA-43
Pearce Hanna D-ATA-44
Kisell Jessica D-ATA-45
Brown Thomas D-ATA-46
Brown Mark D-ATA-47
Mathieu Joseph D-ATA-48
McCormick Emma D-ATA-49
Bykowski Elani D-ATA-50
Sackley Scout D-ATA-51
Elgersme Scott D-ATA-52
Beranger Arianna D-ATA-53
Kendall Zac D-ATA-54
Wagner Kathryn D-ATA-55
Wickare Doug D-ATA-56
Bentley Cooper D-ATA-57
Armstrong Jake D-ATA-58
Mcarthur Sarah D-ATA-59
Maley Joel D-ATA-60
Ritchie Margie D-ATA-61
Bhatla Jenn D-ATA-62
Pierse Fionnuala D-ATA-63
Prins Erica D-ATA-64
Slotboom Claire D-ATA-65
Beatie Kyle D-ATA-66
Soukup Maya D-ATA-67
Dimmell Marissa D-ATA-68
Dimmell Katelyn D-ATA-69
Elm Ian D-ATA-70
Young Parker D-ATA-71
Brown Katie D-ATA-72
Wlad Carlie D-ATA-73
Jamieson Olivia D-ATA-74
Gregor Chris D-ATA-75
Hnatyshyn Ella D-ATA-76
Hall Sara D-ATA-77
Dottridge Jon D-ATA-78
Chambers Devin D-ATA-79
Santema Justine D-ATA-80
Koopmans Sarah D-ATA-81
Buckly Kyle D-ATA-82
Arthur Jordan D-ATA-83
Paetsch Aidan D-ATA-84
Paetsch Erin D-ATA-85
Lutz Sarah D-ATA-86
Dieleman Alexander D-ATA-87
Edgeworth Benjamin D-ATA-88
Livingstone Sean D-ATA-89
Guthrie Adam D-ATA-90
Fenske Bryan D-ATA-91
Hanson Luke D-ATA-92
Poole Connor D-ATA-93
Bee James D-ATA-94
Hoel Janae D-ATA-95
Guthrie Adam D-ATA-96
MacDonald Tristin D-ATA-97
Banack Ryan D-ATA-98
Simard Christine D-ATA-99
Maunder Adeline D-ATA-100
Prins Erica D-ATA-101
Lilly Jessie D-ATA-102
Daniels Stefan D-ATA-103
Wagner Emily D-ATA-104
Thorne Laurin D-ATA-105
Gladue McKenzie D-ATA-106
Elgersma Scott D-ATA-107
Elgersma Emmalynn D-ATA-108
Dimmell Katelyn D-ATA-109
Dimmell Marissa D-ATA-110
Sumner Claire D-ATA-111
Hellard Jaime D-ATA-112
Kelly Shae D-ATA-113
Gordichuk Alexandra D-ATA-114