Pedal Protect

Performance Bike Insurance Program is now open for the 2014 season.


Performance Bike Insurance Program is bike insurance for annual ATA Members only with a full membership. Properly Protect Your Investment from January 2014 to December 2014.  You must have a receipt or proof of purchase for your bike and any upgrade parts to verfify the cost of the total bike.

Please use the link below to register your bike:

Coverage Features:

  • Replacement Cost valuation (maximum payout being the limit chosen).
  • Covers damge to bike while in transit with an ariline in Canada and Continental United States of America
  • Covers Theft - i.e. from car, home, while training and bike is left outside, etc.
  • Territory of Coverage is Canada and the Continental United States of America
  • $500 Deductible in the event of a loss
  • NEW - Includes damage protection to the bicycle while participating in a sanctioned race both road and triathlon

$50 per year for a $5,000 coverage limit ($500 deductible)

$80 per year for a $10,000 coverage limit ($500 deductible)

$100 per year for a $15,000 coverage limit ($1000 deductible)

Please note:
Insurance rates are calculated on potential and actual claims paid. If a significant amount is paid on claims it will increase the overall rate for every participant.
It is the responsibility of the bike owner to prove the loss by copy of receipts, etc. of the equipment covered.

Please contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to report any problems that you are experiencing with membership. The more details about the problem you are experiencing the better.