Junior Elite U16-U19


Cooper Bentley        (Calgary)                   Adeline Maunder     (Calgary)

Jake Armstrong       (Calgary)                   Laurin Thorne          (Calgary)

Scott Elgersma        (Brooks)                    Katelyn Dimmell      (Calgary)

Jonathan Dottridge (Calgary)                   Elani Bykowski         (Lethbridge)

Jordan Arthur            (Stony Plain)             Emily Wagner           (Calgary)

Russell Pennock     (Calgary)                   Justine Santema     (Calgary)

Stef Daniel                (Calgary)


Athletes’ applications for the 2015 ATA Provincial Junior Team will be considered in September 2014, based on the criteria outlined below.  Teams will be announced at the Alberta Triathlon Association’s 2014 Annual General Meeting.

Alberta Junior Provincial Team Athletes 2015 (16-19 year olds)

Team Alberta will consist of six (6) male and six (6) female athletes. There is a 2 part selection process:

  • four (4) Alberta male and four (4) female Jr. Elite athletes will be selected based on earned points that fall directly in line with Triathlon Canada’s cumulative Junior Series point totals (see list of races, below). The four Alberta male and four Alberta female applicants with the most points accumulated at the end of the 2014 season will be selected for the 2015 Alberta Junior Provincial Team.
  • two (2) male and two (2) female athletes will be chosen by a discretionary selection that will take into consideration injury, illness, accidents, and inability to attend races due to financial reasons.  In addition, all results from the Junior Series races, swim/run standards, future long term potential, training program, and commitment to triathlon will be considered. 

A committee comprised of the ATA chair of selectors and two (2) High Performance Committee (HPC) members will select the final team. These twelve (12) athletes will have the opportunity to receive advanced selection for camps, clinics and gear for 2015.

How your ranking will be determined - Series Points

Final Junior Series Ranking will be determined by the sum of the athlete’s three (3) best performances. Points awarded for Junior National Championships will be weighted at 125% of other Junior Series Races. In the event of a tie, athletes will be ranked in order of their finish at the Junior National Championships held on July 19th & 20th in Magog, Quebec.

How to apply for Team Alberta

All athletes interested in being selected for the 2015 ATA Provincial Junior Team must fill out and submit an application by August 31, 2014.  Late applications will not be considered.  All interested athletes must submit an application, regardless of points accumulated, to be eligible for selection.  The application form can be downloaded "Coming Soon"

  • Jun 14-15 -Living Sky Triathlon - Pike Lake (Saskatoon), SK
  • Jul 12-13 - Lac Delage (Quebec City), QC
  • Jul 19-20 - Magog, QC - National Series race (championship)
  • Aug 16-17 - Kelowna, BC

Points Breakdown:   

Points for 14-15 Draft Legal Races

1st - 100pts

2nd – 85pts


4th – 60pts

5th- 50pts

6th -45pts

7th- 42pts

8th – 37pts

9th- 34pts

10th -32pts

11th- 30pts


13th – 28pts

14th – 27pts

15th- 26pts

16th – 25pts


18th- 23pts



21st- 20pts




25th- 16pts

26th – 15pts

27th- 14pts

28th- 13 pts

29th– 12pts


31st – 10pts

32nd- 9pts

33rd- 8pts

34th- 7pts


36th- 5pts


38th – 3pts


40th -1pts

All remaining participants receive 1 point.

 Points for KOS Races

1st - 50pts

2nd – 43pts

3rd – 35pts

4th – 30pts

5th- 25pts

6th -22pts

7th- 21pts

8th – 18pts

9th- 17pts

10th -16pts

11th- 15pts


13th – 13pts

14th – 12pts

15th- 10pts

16th – 9pts


18th- 7pts



All remaining participants receive 4pts