2014 KOS Point Series

2014 KOS Point Series

This year will be an exciting year for our KOS participants. The Alberta Triathlon Association takes great pride in recognizing the young athletes in province and as such will be running the KOS points series for 2013.

The top 3 in each category will be recognized at this year’s AGM.  All events below are eligible for ATA points.

Below you will also find an updated list of the top 3 athletes in each age category/division that will be updated by every week during the 2014 summer.

The scoring in the KOS Point Series will be broken down based on gender and age, and points for participants in each race will be as follows:

Tie Breaker:

In the case of a tie breaker scenario in terms of points placing, the following method will be used:
1.) Which athlete participated in more events will receive the higher ranking
2.) Which athlete placed better in all races will receive the higher ranking
3.) If compeitors are tied, head to head in a race will determine the final standings

For Ages: 14-15, and 16-19 years For Ages: 7+under, 8-9, 10-11, and 12-13 years

1st place: receives 25 points                                 1st place: receives 15 points

2nd place: 20 points                                                2nd place: 14 points

3rd place: 16 points                                                 3rd place: 13 points

4th place: 14 points                                                 4th place: 12 points

5th place: 12 points                                                 5th place: 11 points

6th place: 10 points                                                 All Participants: 10 point

7th place: 8 points

8th place: 6 points

9th place: 4 points

10th place: 2 points

All Participants: 1 point

To be eligible for the year end awards, athletes must have participated in at least THREE KOS ATA Sanctioned events for the 2014 season.




Date Event Location
25-May-14 Coronation Triathlon Edmonton
07-Jun-14 Drayton Valley Triathlon Drayton Valley
07-Jun-14 Pomeroy Inn & Suites Race Series Presents the Vegreville Kids of Steel & Try-a-Tri Vegreville
08-Jun-14 St. Albert Kids of Steel St. Albert
08-Jun-14 Calgary Kids of Steel Calgary
15-Jun-14 The Vermillion Triathlon Vermillion
15-Jun-14 Lethbridge KOS Lethbridge
20-Jun-14 The Lloydminster KOS Lloydminster
28-Jun-14 Melcor KOS under 11  Edmonton
21-Jun-14 Woody’s RV World KOS Triathlon Red Deer
01-Jul-14 Turner Valley Triathlon Turner Valley
01-Jul-14 Beaumont Triathlon Beaumont
05-Jul-14 Natural High Charity Triathlon Okotoks
01-Jul-14 SunRype Tri KiDS Triathlon Calgary
10-Aug-14 Lake Chaparral Triathlon KOS Calgary
31-Aug-14 Melcor KOS 12-15 Edmonton

Updated Points List as of May 28, 2014

Female 7 & Under Male 7 & Under
1. Alessandra Mitterstad
1. Jack Delcort Condon

2. Sienna Famulak

2. Breaux Wilson

3. Aubrey Viel-Hofstet

3. Nolan Ferguson

Female 8 & 9 Male 8 & 9
1. Morgan Worthing 1. Thomas Baron
2. Ella Kern 2. Malcolm Blankenship
3. Lily Wood 3.

Female 10 & 11 Male 10 & 11
1. Sophia Zombor
1. Parker Wood
2. Averie Favell 2. Alexander McCullough
3. Betty Lou Brown 3.

Female 12 & 13 Male 12 & 13
1. Samantha Skiba 1. Cameron Liss
2. Asia Kern 2. Casey Riess
3. Zoe Lau
3. Robert Carlsen

Female 14 & 15 Male 14 &15
1. Hannah Cruthers 1. Logan Arthur
2. Mercedes Laboucaun
2. Marcus Brown
3. Siobhan Toal 3. Jacques Lacoursiere

Female 16 to 19 Male 16 to 19
1. 1.  
2. 2.
3. 3.