2013 Annual General Meeting

2013 Alberta Triathlon Association Annual General Meeting will be held on
September 28-29, 2013 at Four Points Calgary West

$55 for Full Adult AGM Pass Includes Guest Speakers, Lunch, and AGM Dinner and Awards
$25 Full Child 12 and Under AGM Pass Includes Guest Speakers, Lunch, and AGM Dinner and Awards
Schedule of Events
Fri 27 Sept - Arrival, register, casual bar, informal Technical meeting
Sat 28 Sept - 8.00am  Bike Ride (Hosted by Grant Burwash)
- 10.00am Register
- 10.30am Race Directors Meeting
HPC Meeting
Power & Endurance in Triathlon (Guest Speaker - Cory Fagan)
- Noon Lunch
- 1.30pm AGM
- 3.30pm Technology & Optimal Training (Guest Speaker - Phil Villenevue)
- 7.00pm Gala Awards Dinner
- Key Note Topic – Identifying Tomorrows Champions (Guest Speaker – Paula Jardine)
- Presentations  * KOS Winners
* 2013 CSG Members & Video Presentation
* Age & Other Awards etc
* Retiring ATA Board members
Sun 29 Sept - 9.00am New ATA Board Breakfast Meeting
- 10.00am ATA Technical meeting
- Noon Lunch
AGM News Letter
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AGM Age Group Award
Nomination forms for the AGM Age Group Award can be found here. Please note that nomination forms are due September 21st, 2013. You must attend the AGM to receive this award.

Celebrity Guest Speakers

Paula Jardine

Paula Jardine is a consultant to the Canadian Sport Institute – Calgary on talent identification. She began working in the field of talent identification ten years ago as a Talent Development Coach for British Rowing. Before returning to Canada, Paula worked at the University of Bath as the manager of the South West Regional Talent Development Centre. In 2011, the project was selected from hundreds of National Lottery funded projects as a semi-finalist in the National Lottery Awards in the category of Best Sports Project. The project supported over 200 athletes aged 13 and up with the aim of helping them become elite senior athletes. In 2010 and 2011, two athletes became World Champions (Sr and U20), a third won a U23 World Cup medal and numerous others won national titles or were selected for national representative teams.  As the Manager of Talent Identification and Systems Integration at CSI-Calgary she has implemented a talent transfer initiative that looks to redirect athletes into sports where they may have higher potential. The first Talent transfer athlete was a retired speed skater who was subsequently selected to represent Canada at the Pan Am Track Cycling Championships three months after she first rode on a velodrome.

Cory Fagan- 'Power & Endurance in Triathlon Today' 10.30 am (Saturday 28 Sept)

The founder of TRC Sports Lab in Calgary. Cory obtained an undergraduate honours degree in Physical Education in 1996 and Master of Science Degree in Kinesiology in 2000, both from the University of Calgary. During his graduate work, Cory focused on advanced methodologies of exercise testing, strength training for athletes and applied exercise physiology. Over the last 10 years, he has taken his academic background and complemented it with several years of participating and competing in triathlon, cycling and running.

Phil Villeneuve- 'Technology and Optimal Training' 3:30 pm (Saturday 28 Sept)

Having entrenched himself as a respected resource within the canadian nordic & trail running communities, Phil has managed to scratch away at building himself a position in the world of sales & sports-marketing under his own business: Newtown Sales & Marketing - primarily working for Salomon & Suunto Canada, both subsidiaries of the leading sporting goods company, Amer Sports.
 Anything related to the business of Nordic Skiing and Trail Running, Phil's got his hands in it! Everything from sales to onsite demos, event support/promotion, athlete/team management, race service, product testing, product management, retail support, social media, trade shows and sales consulting. One thing is for sure, whether at his home in the heart of the Canadian Rockies, or on the road, as he often is, you’ll most likely find Phil planning his next adventure.

Grant Burwash- Lead Cyclist for the bike ride Saturday Morning

Grant is a Canadian triathlete and duathlete who currently lives in Calgary, Alberta. He is finishing off his BSc in Kinesiology degree at the University of Calgary. Grant grew up on an acreage just west of Airdrie with his family. He has participated in many sports including soccer, basketball, volleyball and tumbling. In 2001, Grant participated in his first triathlon at the recommendation of his track coach. My first triathlon was the kids of steel race at Elbow Valley. Since then, he has been training more and racing more each year.


2013 Annual General Meeting Supper Buffet Menu

Supreme Buffet
Crudités and Dips
Banana Peppers, & Marinated Artichokes
Waterborn Greens with Pomegranate Berries,
Grape Tomatoes, Toasted Almonds with Dressing
Baby Spinach Salad with Summer Berries, Silver Almonds,
& Crumbled Goat Cheese
Sun-dried Tomato Bowtie Pasta Salad tossed in
Balsamic Dressing
Steamed Broccoli & Cauliflower with Florentine Sauce
Basmati Rice Pilaf with Sweet Garden Pea
Farfalle with Sundried Tomato & Pesto Cream Sauce
Slow Roast Turkey Breast with Cranberry Chutney
Grilled Chicken Breast Roasted Sterling Silver Roast
Served with Au Jus | Creamy Horseradish | Grainy Mustard
Chef Dessert Selection
Assorted Cakes, Pies, Individual Mousses,
Tarts, and Specialty Pastries

2013 Annual General Meeting Lunch Buffet Menu

Trattoria Pizza Bar
** Vegan, Gluten, & Dairy Free – Pesto instead of Cheese
Traditional Caesar Salad with Asiago & Creamy Garlic Dressing
Orzo Pasta Salad with Pesto Dressing, Grilled Eggplant & Zucchini
Selected Garden Vegetables with Parmesan Ranch
Marinated Olives with Cinnamon & Sage
Sliced Picked Jalapenos & Banana Peppers
Parmesan Cheese & Hot Sauce

Newark Pepperoni
Grilled Italian Vegetables & Goat Cheese
BBQ Tandori Chicken
Spicy Sicilian

Sesonal Sliced Fruit and Field Berries
Dark Chocolate Brownies


2013 Alberta Triathlon Association Annual General Meeting Minutes


Alberta Triathlon Association

Annual General Meeting

Sat. Sept 28th, 2013

Called to order 1:15pm

Board Members Present

  1. Hugh Brown
  2. Linda Bruce
  3. Lorie Loshack
  4. Mike Chui
  5. Kevin Pennock
  6. Kent Neilson
  7. Ian Laxdal
  8. Glen Wilson
  9. Alex Hansen
  10. Rose Serpico

Board Members Absent

  1. Stephen Toal
  2. Greg Nicholson
  3. Tamara Loiselle
  4. Jordan Bryden
  5. Stephanie Eliuk
  6. Kris Loshack
  7. Jason Jama
  8. Sheila Findlay

Staff Present

  1. Tim Wilson – Executive Director
  2. Sarah Hilworth - Program Manager
  3. Jon Bird – Athlete Development Manager

No Quorum for the AGM

Motion to adopt the minutes of 2012 ATA AGM

Moved by M. Hlady.  2nd by K. Carter.  Carried Unanimously


Business Arising: None

ATA President Report: Hugh Brown

Finished first full year as president. Oversaw the hiring of Tim Wilson as the new ATA Executive Director so an official welcome was offered. Many thanks were given to Sarah Hilworth for  maintaining operations in the ATA office during the hiring of the Executive Director position.

ATA is working closely with TriCan to develop HPA, coaching and Elite para-triathletes. This allows ATA to work on the quadrennial model to feed provincial athletes through to the national level with an emphasis on 2020.

H. Brown reported on the tech Committee. The committee will be providing enhanced training for officials.  There will be more training sessions with the hopes of having more officials available for race season. This will help ensure that races are Safe- Fair-Fun And will help in providing consistency at races.

The Board of Directors will be moving toward a governance model.  As the organization grows it becomes very difficult for the ATA to meet its obligations with a working board model.

Next steps for the ATA: The Worlds will be held in Edmonton Aug 26-Sept 3 , 2014. ATA will provide support to the race organizers to help ensure its success.


Treasurer’s Report – Kent Neilsen

2013 was a transition year for the ATA. There was a change in the Executive Director, book keeper and the auditor. This has led to the delay in the presentation of the audited statement. It will be available my mid-October.

Net assets for the ATA are up 4% year over year.  The cash position is solid and revenues increased by 20%. There was an increase in memberships and race fees but grants were down.

M. Hlady had a question regarding the reporting of casino revenue. It was explained that the reporting will be in the 2014 financials as the revenue will flow through to the ATA then.

No motion was made to accept the financials as the audited statements were not ready for presentation.

High Performance Committee – Kevin Pennock

Final HPC Report: K. Pennock spoke about the training camps held in the spring 2013 by Kevin Clarke and Bart Ujack.  A Transition Camp was also held and a team kit was developed.

The Canada Summer Games and Alberta Team selection criteria were developed and utilized.  The CSG team consisted of: (Tim: Please fill in) Their results were:

The Priorities going forward for athlete development will be the development of a talent ID system, development and mentoring of junior athlete coaches, and a strong selection criteria.  The end results will be fair, consistent and transparent.

Technical Committee – Mike Chui


In 2014 the Technical Committee will seek to have stronger collaboration with the race organizers.

Achievements: Increase training for national team officials. Alberta has the highest number of KOS in Canada and the Tech Committee would like to keep it that way.

Challenges: Alberta operates with 1/3 less race officials for the same number of races as BC. There needs to be more trained race officials.

The Tech Committee will be working on creating consistent standards between provinces. Tech Committee wants to work with Race Directors to recruit and retain quality volunteers.

  • Projects:
  • Clarify accountabilities and responsibilities of the Tech Committee
  • Get more people through the NTO program
  • Raise the bar on provincial championships
  • Promote volunteer program


Executive Director’s Report – Tim Wilson

T. Wilson reported steady growth in membership in 2013 with women representing 52% of memberships. The youth membership has grown by 400% with a small drop in the adult memberships. ATA has the highest membership numbers in Canada which gives the ATA clout in with TriCan.

London 2013

Team Canada had 27% representation from Alberta and brought home 3 medals: Ray Colliver Gold 80-84, Ellen Pennock Silver U23, and Stefan Daniel Bronze Open Para.

Races 2013

There was a 6% increase in sanctioned races with the biggest trend being in the Sprint distance and a decline in the Olympic distance

Alberta has 217 adult trained community coaches but the numbers decline and a by 67-75 % for coaches moving to the next level.

There are 29 sanctioned clubs in Alberta


  • New membership process put in place with success
  • The equipment pod was provided to 20 events
  • National and international performances were attend by Alberta athletes
  • New accounting process in the office.
  • New book keeper
  • Athlete Development Manager – Jon Bird
  • RTC agreement with ETA
  • Media Alert program


  • Focus on membership increase and benefits for membership
  • Working on consolidating national insurance program
  • Source and secure corporate funding
  • Build ATA Brand
  • Further develop KOS



President Hugh Brown allowed his name to stand for re-election. Nominations were called for from the floor three times. No nominations from the Floor. Nominations were closed and H. Brown was acclaimed as president.

Secretary Stephen Toal allowed his name to stand for re-election. Nominations were called for from the floor three times. No nominations from the Floor. Nominations were closed and S. Toal was acclaimed as Secretary.

Discussion ensued about reducing the size of the board. There were 6 empty positions and one was filled. Paddy McGuire volunteered to sit on the board.

Mike Chui moved nominations from the floor cease. Jill Kirker 2nd. Motion was carried.


Discussion from the Floor:

K. carter raised the discussion of mandatory bike checks by local bike sponsor prior to a race.

The Tech Committee will look at the issue, esp. around the area of liability

J. Kirker raised the discussion around the need for coaches for sanctioning.  This will be checked against the bylaws.

A question from the floor was whether there is a club registry.  It was confirmed that there is one on the website.

A comment was raised from the floor regarding the need to update the website. It was confirmed that this was being considered.

Meeting was adjourned at 2:50



Age-Group Lottery Award Winners:

Mark Brown, Thomas Brown, Kim Wedgerfield, and Jean-Luc Martin


2013 AGM Awards
2013 Female Age Group 40 & Under Athlete of the Year
2013 Male Age Group 40 & Under Athlete of the Year
2013 Male Age Group 41 & Over Athlete of the Year
2013 Female Age Group 41 & Over Athlete of the Year
2013 Female Para Triathlete of the Year
Tammy Cunnington and NGAN NGUYEN
2013 Male Para Triathlete of the Year
2013 Male Junior Elite Athlete of the Year
Russell Pennock
2013 Female Junior Elite Athlete of the Year
2013 KOS Development Athlete Award
2013 Female U23 Athlete of the Year
2013 Male Elite Athlete of the Year
Grant Burwash
2013 Female Elite Athlete of the Year
2013 KOS Coach of the Year
Ashley Kilpatrick
2013 Age-Group Coach of the Year
2013 Elite Coach of the Year
2013 Volunteer of the Year
2013 Volunteers of the Year
2013 Volunteers of the Year
2013 Race Director of the Year
2013 Race of the Year
2013 Technical Delegate of the Year
2013 Most Improved Male Athlete of the Year
Cooper Bentley
2013 Most Improved Female Athlete of the Year
Adeline Maunder
2013 Life Time Award