Tri This Program

Triathlon Canada is in the process of launching a new Talent Identification and Recruitment Program, branded ‘Tri This.’ The Tri This program’s goal is to actively recruit athletes with a strong swimming and/or running background, who have a greater chance at international success in triathlon than in single discipline sports. Ultimately, Triathlon Canada is looking to identify motivated, mature athletes who have been competitive in swim or run (or both) and who want to focus all of their sporting energies into becoming a World Class triathlete within an 18-24 month time frame.

Any Canadian athlete can apply for acceptance into the Tri This program. Athlete’s applications will be judged on the potential for future success. If accepted into the program, the athlete will receive compensation over a 12-month period, which can start at any time throughout the year. The level of compensation of the successful candidate will be proportionate to their overall assessment during the recruiting phase. Attached below are a few documents that outline the performance levels in the swim and run that Triathlon Canada is looking for, and how much compensation each category of athlete would receive if accepted into the program.

Moving forward throughout the year, Triathlon Canada’s goal is to host a Talent ID testing day in each province to identify candidates for the Tri This program. The testing day will help to ensure that no local talent in each province is missed, and will also help identify up and coming talent in each province. We will be working with the PGB’s to organize the testing day. In order for the testing day to be a success, coaches in each province will be required to run and supervise the day. If you are interested, please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and we will make sure you are notified of the test dates as they become available throughout the year.