Donations to the ATA

Many people a year ask the ATA how can they donate or support an athlete participating in triathlons or the ATA itself. There are a few different ways that an individual or group can do this, but before you donate please read the information below. The ATA is a NON-PROFIT association, which means that we can not give out donation receipts used for income tax purposes. Only Charitable organizations and associations can give out donation receipts, but we have options for people who want to donate and receive a donation receipt.

Option #1
An Individual can just submit a cheque to the ATA and choose any donation they would like to submit. When submitting their donation they must note how they would like the donation to be used.

Note: This method will not result in an Income Tax credit.

Option #2
An individual can direct themselves to the Alberta Sports, Parks, Recreation, and Wildlife Foundation donation website. This will result in an individual being able to print out a donation form. Once the form is filled out properly the individual will mail in the form and cheque to the appropriate address. Note that on the form you can only specify the program and association you would like to donate to. So in addition to mailing the form you will need to contact the hopeful association and let them know of your donation and the way you would like to be used.

Please click here to find this form.

Note: This method will result in Income Tax credit.