The Alberta Triathlon AGm Info, Board & Staff

The Alberta Triathlon Association is a non-profit organization, run by a volunteer Board of Directors that meets between six and eight times each year.

Executive Committee:

  • President: Hugh Brown   This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
  • Vice President: Linda Bruce
  • Secretary: Stephen Toal
  • Treasurer: Kent Neilson


  • Kevin Pennock - High Performance Chair
  • Mike Chui - Major Games Chair
  • Ian Laxdal
  • Lorie Loshack
  • Greg Nicholson
  • Glenn Wilson - Coaching Chair
  • Tamara Loiselle
  • Jordan Bryden - Age Group Chair
  • Alex Hansen
  • Stephanie Eliuk
  • Rose Serpico
  • Kris Loshack
  • Jason Jama
  • Sheila Findlay
  • Alberta Triathlon Association Staff

  • Outgoing Executive Director: Stephen Paiano This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
  • Program Manager: Sarah Hilworth   This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
  • Athlete Development Manager: Jon Bird This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


    2013 Alberta Triathlon Association will be held on September 28-29, 2013

    2012 AGM Minutes

    19:00 on September 29, 2012 @ Marriott River Cree Hotel


    Board of Directors Attending: Hugh Brown, Linda Bruce, Laurie Murray, Sheila Findlay, Kevin Pennock, Mike Chui, Stephanie Eliuk, Kris Loshack, Jason Jama

    Regrets: Rose Serpico & Greg Nicholson

    Members Attending: 81 Members


    Introduction: Welcoming was performed by the Executive Director, Stephen Paiano.  Quorum of the membership (3% of 2597 members – 78 members) was confirmed.  Motion to confirm quorum was made by Mark Hlady and seconded by Jordan Bryden. No opposed.


    The 2011 Minutes:  The 2011 minutes were presented at the AGM.  Motion to accept the 2011 Minutes was made by Mike Bock and seconded by Jill Kirker.  No opposed.


    President address:

    • Thanked the membership for attending acknowledging that we think this is the first time we have had a quorum.
    • I also thanked the staff for a great job this summer managing the all the races, race directors, and officials, not to mention the athletes themselves.  Way to go Stephen, Jadon, Sarah and Jon!
    • We had another great race season with great races all around the province.  Thanks to all the race directors, officials and especially all the volunteers, without whom we would have no races!!
    • Thanked the HPC  and Kevin Pennock for their great job with the juniors and other elite athletes.  Kevin and his team have been working on developing the junior program and they had a great last two seasons.  Mike Chui did most of the logistical work for the ASG and by all accounts they very successful..
    • Congratulations to the ETA  for another super race weekend with the Triathlon festival in July!  They held a successful new format Sprint triathlon, and the first ever Paratriathlon PATCO championships.

    I would also congratulate the ETA as well for being chosen for the new Regional Training Centre in Alberta.  This will help all aspiring juniors, U23s, and elites and new triathletes coming up through the KOS program.


    Treasure’s Report:

    —  Successful completion of the audited financial statement year ending March 31, 2012 and approval by the ATA Executive

    —  Final draft approved by Alberta Sport, Recreation, Parks and Wildlife Foundation (ASRPWF) ensuring our funding for the 2012-13 fiscal year

    —  Net assets end of year 2012; $108,569 - 2011; $96,542

    —  Revenue over expenses 2012; $12,027 - 2011; ($44,299)

    —  Increased revenue in memberships and grants from 2011 with deferred revenue of $115,828 (increase of $72,693)

    —  Deferred revenue includes the Oct. 12 -13, 2011 ATA Casino of $66,638 and Canada Summer Games grant of $20,000

    —  Expenses 2012; $270,254 with reductions in  advertising, office, and bank charges 2011; $326,002

    —  The 2012-13 budget was finalized and approved by the Executive  with the first quarter net income $21,000 over forecast.

    —  The next casino will be in Calgary at the Cowboys Casino in the 2nd quarter of 2013 and we need volunteers!!


    Motion to accept 2011-2012 Audit by Kris Loshack, seconded by Mike Bock. No opposed.


    Alberta Summer Games Report:


    • Camaraderie of youth triathletes was amain goal of the games
    • Sports for life – “cornerstone” of LTAD
    • Strength…triathlon perceived well in communities:
      • Good brand recognition across 7 zones
      • Transition/complementary sports
    • Weakness…lack of infrastructure:
      • high facility fees per athlete for new clubs
      • Lack of trained coaches
      • Lack of understanding of roles and accountabilities
    • Opportunities…triathlon is evolving:
      • 2015 Western Canada Summer Games in Wood Buffalo & ASG in Airdrie = funding!
      • Drawing amateur athletes at youth level
    • Threat…lack of processes:
      • Lack of long-term vision & plan
      • Tri-Can focus only on the draft-legal stream


    High Performance Committee Report:

    • Individuals Presiding over HPC - Stephen Paiano – ATA ED; Kevin Pennock – Chair; Hugh Brown – ATA President; Sheila Findlay – ATA Board; Laurie Murray – ATA Board; Michael Chui – ATA Board; Linda Bruce – ATA Board; Jon Bird – ATA ADM
    1. CSG 2013 Selection Criteria
    2. ASRPWF CSG 2013 Yr 3 Funding
    3. Hiring Jon Bird – ATA ADM


    1. Partnership Edmonton RTC
    2. Selection Provincial Team
    3. Selection Development Team
    4. Fast Cash Talent ID
    5. Parent/Athlete Communications Plan
    6. Race Support All Junior Teck Series Races
    7. Alberta Summer Games Lethbridge 2012
    8. CSG 2013 Coaches Selection (Kevin Clark / Ashley Kilpatrick)


    JUNIOR WOMEN                                   JUNIOR MEN

    Jessie Lilly                                            Russell Pennock

    Adeline Maunder                                Eric Danielson

    Heather Savard                                   John Pexman

    Catherine Alcorn                                 Guillaume Pesant

    Elani Bykowski                                     Max King

    Erica Prins                                             Mackenzie Kary




    Anne-Sophie Beaudoin                   Cooper Bentley

    Laurin Thorne                                    Jake Armstrong

    Justine Santema                                Jordan Arthur

    Mackenzie Gladue                            Stefan Daniel

    Marissa Dimmel                                 Scott Elgersma

    India McIsaic                                       Jonathon Dottridge



    —  9 Junior Women racing Teck Series

    —  8 Junior Men racing Teck Series

    Six (6) Top 10 results this season:

    —  Jessie Lilly – 5th SK,  6th Magog,

    —  Adeline Maunder – 8th SK, 8th Magog

    —  Russell Pennock – 8th SK, 5th Kelowna

    PROVINCIAL CHAMPIONS – St Alberta Junior Race

    —  Jessie Lilly

    —  John Pexman



    —  Canada Summer Games 2013 – Sherbrooke Quebec

    —  Alberta Summer Games 2014 – Airdrie, Alberta

    —  Western Canada Summer Games 2015 – Wood Buffalo, AB



    Executive Director’s Report


    1. Membership report
    2. 293 member reductions from 2011
    3. however financially more viable with  $5 increase in annual membership and less costly for TriCan affiliation fees and insurance fees
    4. close to 200 of members lost where women
    5. KOS membership increased once again by 168 members; due to ASG being re-introduce to triathlon in the province


    2012 Success

    ¢  Successful Audit

    ¢  Back on the U of A radar for Practicum Students

    ¢  New Registration System Coming in 2013

    • Member search function

    ¢  Triathlon back in the 2013 Alberta Games

    ¢  Province hosts Age-Group Nationals

    ¢  Province’s First RTC


    2013 Challenges


    ¢  Continued development of more races in rural communities

    ¢  Emphasis on Club Development system

    ¢  Improve Quality of Races through more stringent Sanctioning

    ¢  Improve Equipment Quality Control Policy

    ¢  Improve Technical Delegate education & development

    ¢  Acquire more Private Sponsorships/Partnerships



    2012 Board of Directors’ Voting


    1. Linda Bruce nominated. No other nominations.
      1. Motion made to accept L. Bruce as VP by Hugh Brown, seconded by Mark Hlady. No opposed


    1. Stephen Toal nominated. No other nominations.
      1. Motion made to accept S. Toal as Secretary by Glen Wilson, seconded by Sheila O’Kelly. No opposed


    1. No nominations for treasurer – will be pushed to next Board conference call.

    Director-at-Large Voting – 14 positions available.

    Nominations are: Sheila Findlay, Mike Chui, Kevin Pennock, Rose Serpico, Greg Nicholson, Stephanie Eliuk, Tamara Louiselle, Lorie Loshack, Ian Laxdal, Alex Hansen, Jordan Bryden, Mark Hlady and Glen Wilson.

    1. Motion made by Mark Hlady to close nominations, seconded by Wietske Eikelenboom.
    2. No other nominations and none opposed to those nominated, therefore all are elected to the Board of Directors for a two year term ending at the 2014 ATA AGM.



    1. Motion to adjourn is made by Kris Loshack.  All in favour.  AGM was adjourned at 8:33pm on September 29, 2012.




    Age-Group Lottery Award Winners:

    Ian Elm; Teryn Warnke; Mark Hlady; Kelly Carter

    2012 Female Age Group 40 & Under Athlete of the Year - Sharon Styles

    2012 Male Age Group 40 & Under Athlete of the Year - Stefan Schreiber

    2012 Male Age Group 41 & Over Athlete of the Year - Myron Tetreault

    2012 Female Age Group 41 & Over Athlete of the Year - Margie Ritchie

    2012 Female Para Triathlete of the Year - Kim Wedgerfield

    2012 Male Para Triathlete of the Year - Brian Martin

    2012 Youth Para Athlete of the Year - Stefan Daniel

    2012 Male Junior Elite Athlete of the Year - Russell Pennock

    2012 Male Junior Elite Athlete of the Year  - John Pexman

    2012 Female Junior Elite Athlete of the Year Jesse Lilly

    2012 Female U23 Athlete of the Year - Ellen Pennock

    2012 Male Elite Athlete of the Year - Jon Bird

    2012 Female Elite Athlete of the Year - Chantell Widney

    2012 KOS Coach of the Year - Glenn Wilson

    2012 Age-Group Coach of the Year - Jill Kirker

    2012 Elite Coach of the Year - Kevin Clark

    2012 Volunteer of the Year - Paddy McGuire

    2012 Volunteers of the Year - Ian Laxdal

    2012 Volunteers of the Year - Joanne Graham

    2012 Race Director of the Year - Mike Bock

    2012 Race of the Year - Edmonton Triathlon Festival

    2012 Technical Delegate of the Year - Kelly Carter

    2012 Life Time Award - Sheila O'Kelly