Below are the distances an athlete can find in the province of Alberta. Please note these distances correspond to the distances in our Event Calendar.

An Aquathlon is a multisport event that only has a swim and a run. The ITU sanctioned aquathlon is officially a run-swim-run however most Aquathlon in Alberta, also known as ‘Splash-&-Dash,” simply have a swim followed by a run. Very popular during colder months towards the beginning and the end of the triathlon series, distances tend to vary for all age groups depending on the course and the availability of space of the facility of the event. We emphasize that if are thinking about racing an Aquathlon, to contact the Race Director before hand.

This event is commonly for the beginner triathletes or those wishing to participate in a quick weekend race. The distances are always smaller than a sprint. A typical Try-a-Tri encompasses a 300m-500m swim, a 7km-15km bike and a 2.5km-4km run. This is a distance that has not been certified by the International Triathlon Union and therefore events may vary the distances slightly. We emphasize that if are thinking about racing a Try-a-Tri, to contact the Race Director before hand.

Winter Triathlon:
A multisport event geared towards winter activities, the winter triathlon rules under Triathlon Canada encompasses running, mountain biking and cross country skiing. However, you will see some events that have snowshoeing and ice-skating involved in the event. This distance is young and has an unconventional distance. We emphasize that if are thinking about racing a Winter Triathlon, to contact the Race Director before hand.

Much like the Aquathlon, a Duathlon is only 2 events. It is composed of a run-bike-run. The typical distance for most races in Albert are 5km run-20km bike-2.5km run. Some are longer and conform to the Triathlon Canada standard duathlon or long distance duathlon which can be reviewed on this website in the Rules section.

This distance is both ITU and Triathlon Canada sanctioned and has a World Championship event every year. All sprints are typically a 750m swim, 20km bike and 5km run.

Also referred to as the Olympic distance, is the event that is featured during the summer Olympics. This distance is both ITU and Triathlon Canada sanctioned and has a World Champions event every year. All Olympic distances are 1500m swim, 40km bike and 10km run.

Long Distance:
This distance is commonly referred to as half iron, half ironman or 70.3. There are no full Ironman distances in Alberta, as of yet, but we host 4 phenomenal long distance events. The ITU and Triathlon Canada have recently changed their distances in Long Course but, for the time being, Alberta’s race directors have chosen to remain stay with the previously established distances of 1900m swim, 90km bike and 21km run. The new distances are 3000m swim-80km bike-20km run, but Alberta does not have this distance yet.

Kids of Steel (KOS) Distances:
Below are the nationally sanctioned distance for KOS, however please note that distances may vary depending on the availability of space of the event. Provincial events and Alberta Summer Games qualifiers will adhere to these distances:

Age Divisions

Maximum Race Distance
(Swim / Bike / Run)


50m - 1.5km - 500m


100m - 5km - 1km


200m - 5km - 2km


300m - 10km - 3km


500m - 10km - 4km


Up to 750m - 20km – 5km