ATA Sanctioning Fees & RD/ TD Course

Race Director's and Technical Delegate Course

NEW Race Directors and Technical Delegates – the following RD/TD courses will be hosted in Alberta this summer:


If you have not already done so, please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for more information on the free course.

The course itself is a one day course, lasting usually 3 hours.

Once this course is completed, new race directors will have to shadow 2 races before they are an official ATA race director. Please contact  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to set up your shadowing assignments as well.


Event Sanctioning Fees

The ATA is the best place to start a multisport event. The sanction fees include:

  • Complete insurance coverage at your event
  • A qualified ATA Technical Delegate (mileage must be paid if traveling more than 50km)
  • Free advertising on our Race Calendar (over 250,000 hits per month on average)
  • Free advertising in our monthly newsletter
  • Free Race Directors Course
  • Possibility of World Championship spots if the event is Provincials
  • Access to ATA equipment:
    • Bike Racks
    • Street Signage for Event
    • Safety Vests for Volunteers
    • Stop/Slow Paddles for Volunteers
    • Over 500 Cones
    • Swim Buoys
    • Gatorade 8L Water Jugs

New Events:
Base Fee- $700.00
Assistant Official- $50.00

For existing events:
Base Fee - $266.00
All additional Events - $66.00
Off-Road Insurance Premium** - $300.00
Assistant Official- $50.00



Adult Sprint + KOS = $332.00 ($266.00 + $66.00)
Adult Sprint + KOS Aquathlon + Adult Olympic = $398.00 ($266.00 base fee + $66.00 + $66.00)

**The Off-Road Insurance Premium applies to any event that contains mountain biking. These funds go directly to the insurance broker and not at all to the ATA. The ATA insurance broker has deemed that there has been a growing number of mountain bike related claims and as such will be increasing the insurance fees for these events. In addition to sanction fees from the ATA, if you choose to host an Off-Road event, the ATA will be adding a $300 charge. If an event does decide to host an Off-Road event and does not inform the ATA and does not pay the $300 fee prior to the race, any insurance that ATA provides will be null and void.


KOS Off-Road Event:
$266.00 base fee + $300.00 Off-Road Premium = $566.00

KOS event, Adult Off-Road Sprint and Adult Off-Road Olympic:
$266.00 base fee + (2 X $66) additional event + $300 Off-Road Premium = $698.00