Day Fees

ATA Day fees will remain the same in 2013. The cost is $20 per day member. The ATA will be giving full access to the ATA membership list with ATA numbers, last names, first name, and DOB and so that Race Directors may cross reference with their event list to confirm if a participant is an ATA member or not. The ATA will not be releasing email or address information, as per the Privacy Act.

All fees that are collected must be paid in full to the ATA within 21 days of the event. Fees that are submitted within 14 days of the completion of an event will receive a $3 rebate per day membership fee collected as an incentive to get fees into ATA early.


50 Day Fees X 3 = $150 – substantial saving to the event.

Overdue fees will be charged an additional $500.00 and receive a penalty of $1000.00 if they are over 2 months late.